Wendy Jocko

Wendy Jocko

Councillor Wendy Anne Jocko, honoured Veteran’s Eagle Staff carrier since 1997, Wendy returned to her home community of Pikwakanagan in 1996. From 1979 – 2002 Wendy was a Regimental Duty Sergeant, Supply Technician and Office Administrator with the Department of National Defence. Her time in the military included two tours of active duty in Bosnia and Croatia and work throughout Canada.






What is the role of sport/physical activity in your life?

The role of sports and physical activity in my life began from and early age and has helped me in much more than in the physical aspects alone. Sports has helped me, and the principles of sports continue to help me through difficult times.  It helps to improve my concentration, problem solving and memory as a woman of 59 years. Sports has taught me to develop a team spirit by working towards a common goal as a member of a team.  I feel that that I have carried this attitude over into my working career. It has taught me about fair play although winning is important, losing is not a disgrace. I’ve learned that it is kinder to be generous and graceful in victory as well as defeat. It has also taught me to never give up, I’ve learned that ‘Success is just round the bend’.


How do you define wellness?

For me wellness includes mind body and soul which is essential for an optimal level of wellness.  I believe it is crucial, for living a better quality of life.   Everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being.  It’s an ongoing circle that I am conscious of everyday. Living with a wellness mindset can help to achieve optimal wellness in order to reduce stress, illness and ensure positive interactions with other people.  A balance diet is essential in combination to achieve a real sense of wellness.


What are the things you do each day that make you a ‘Wellness Warrior’?  

Every day I make a conscious effort not drink, smoke or take drugs.  For me, exercise and physical activity have replaced any desire to harm my body.  I have learned that exercise is good no matter what age you are, and it is essential to keep away aches and pains.  I want to encourage others and set a positive example as well.  I like to take brisk walks with friends whenever I can even during winter months.  I also like to ride my bike during the summer in order to increase my endurance, heart rate and breathing.  I live alone and must do all the necessary household chores myself including carrying in wood.  I have noticed that this type of exercise makes my muscles stronger which is essential at my age especially.  I try and do things such as parking my vehicle as far away from a building as possible, so I must walk that little bit extra. During break periods at meetings, I like to walk around the building in order to keep mobile.


Who or what is your inspiration?

My late mother was my inspiration.  She was 92 when she passed away.  She was not sick a day in her life and she made it her business to sit straight, exercise and eat right every day.  I could not believe that even at her age she would walk every day as far as she could go.  She always had a smile on her face and lived life to the fullest.  I remember her saying to me when I was a child, “you only have one body take care of it.”