About the Campaign

The ‘Wellness Warrior’ campaign was developed by the Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario to create opportunities for wellness through dialogue, engagement and action, within an Indigenous framework. The Wellness Warrior campaign was first launched at the Masters Indigenous Games 2018 (MIG 2018), as a celebration of Indigenous peoples from all walks of life, who are making a positive difference in their own lives, the lives of others and in their communities. The MIG 2018 was an opportunity to celebrate the athletic achievements, cultural traditions and ways of knowing and being of Indigenous peoples from across the world who embodied the spirit of a ‘Wellness Warrior’. More importantly, the Games were an opportunity for Indigenous adults to be more physically active by competing in sporting events,  connect with others through friendship, to celebrate their traditions and culture, and to be positive role models for their families and communities as ‘Wellness Warriors’.

The ‘Wellness Warrior’ campaign allows for the reclaiming and celebration of the true ‘Warrior Spirit’, with the objective of achieving wellness through culture, traditions and teachings. A ‘Wellness Warrior’ embodies the spirit of bravery, respect, generosity, responsibility, humility, compassion, leadership, peacemaking, and spirituality. These are the foundational values that define the culture of many Indigenous peoples and tribes across Turtle Island (North America). Anyone can be a ‘Wellness Warrior’, as long as they Embody the Spirit and strive for wellness and balance, for themselves and for others, in their communities.