Who is ISWO?

Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario (ISWO), recognized by the Aboriginal Sport Circle and the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) Council, is the designated Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Body (P/TASB) for the province of Ontario. ASWCO serves all Indigenous peoples and communities across the province including First Nations, Métis and Inuit, living both on and off reserve, in urban and rural settings.

Can I participate in ISWO programming?

Any youth or individual, of Indigenous ancestry, residing in the Province of Ontario is eligible to participate in ISWO programming and events. For information regarding specific events, please take a look at our event calendar. Details regarding registration fees, tryouts, age restrictions, etc. are included within the event details.

How do I try-out for the North American Indigenous Games?

The North American Indigenous Games offer an opportunity to participate in sport competition and cultural programming for Indigenous youth, from across Turtle Island, between the ages of 13-19. Athletes competing in the NAIG must be born of North American Indigenous ancestry. All contingents participating in the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) must represent the Indigenous Peoples of a Province/Territory in Canada, or a State/Region in the United States of America. Only athletes registered with a contingent are eligible to compete in the NAIG.

For Indigenous youth residing in Ontario, who wish to participate in the upcoming NAIG, they must attend an ISWO hosted tryout to be eligible for selection. For a list of upcoming tryouts, visit the ISWO events page or follow us on social media.

Who does ISWO report to?

ISWO is funded primarily by the Government of Ontario and must meet stringent deliverables for all programming and events, reviewed on a constant basis. ISWO is accountable to all Indigenous Peoples in the province of Ontario, including First Nations, Metis and Inuit.

ISWO is not a political body, and does not report directly to the Chiefs of Ontario or the Metis Nation of Ontario. ISWO is endorsed by the Aboriginal Sport Circle, which is the national, federally funded body for Indigenous sport in Canada. ISWO reports to and works in collaboration with, the North American Indigenous Games Council (NAIG Council) on all matters related to participation in the North American Indigenous Games as Aboriginal Team Ontario.

I would like to host an ISWO program or camp in my community. How do I request this?

ISWO ensures that it hosts programming and events fairly across all six regions of the province of Ontario, with the hope of providing access to as many Indigenous youth as possible. ISWO is always looking to work in partnership with communities to host its next camp or event. If you’re interested in hosting an ISWO event or camp, please contact your Regional Coordinator (whose information is listed here), or send an email to info@iswo.ca.