Aboriginal Coaching Module

The Aboriginal Coaching Modules (“ACM”) is an essential resource to those that work with, coach and/or supervise Aboriginal peoples in physical activity, recreation, and sport. This one-day workshop will provide a greater understanding of coaching through an Aboriginal lens, which is designed to motivate, inspire and lead Aboriginal peoples in sport, recreation, physical activity and life.

The ACM was developed as a supplement to the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) to:

  • Provide culturally relevant courses for Aboriginal coaches and athletes;
  • Increase the accessibility of the NCCP to Aboriginal coaches;
  • Increase the capacity of non-Aboriginal coaches leading Aboriginal peoples;
  • Improve the quality of the sport experience for Aboriginal athletes;
  • Increase the number of Aboriginal certified coaches;
  • Improve the understanding of the application of Aboriginal cultures in sport and coaching;

ISWO can help deliver and organize an ACM workshop for coaches in your area. If you’d like to discuss hosting an ACM workshop or any other NCCP Workshop please contact ISWO staff listed below:
Gary Lynch at gary.lynch@ISWO.ca.