ISWO is primarily funded by the Government of Ontario, through the landmark Sport Pathways for Ontario Native Wellness initiative. The funding received is utilized to develop and deliver sport programming including the following:


  • Multi-Sport Camps
  • Regional Tournaments and Events (ONVI, ONBI, etc.)
  • Hosting of Tryouts for the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships
  • Hosting of Tryouts for the North American Indigenous Games
  • Sport Clinics and Sport Development Workshops and Events
  • High Performance Camps


ISWO also receives funding for its Youth Leadership Program, under the Youth Cultural Camps initiative by the Government of Ontario. Funding received is allocated to developing and delivering Youth Leadership Camps, Programs, Events, Workshops and Conferences, in addition to the building of digital and on-line resources. A new web-portal is currently under development and will support the Youth Leadership Program through on-line resources and opportunities for youth connection and learning.