Masters Indigenous Games

The Masters Indigenous Games (MIG) was created to provide Indigenous adults aged 20 years and older the opportunity to compete against their peers in a variety of contemporary and traditional sporting activities. For Indigenous adults, the Masters Indigenous Games are an opportunity to get physically active, engage with community and participate in competition. The 2018 MIG games brought together hundreds of athletes from across North America to compete in sport competitions, celebrate Indigenous wellness, and showcase the Indigenous cultures from around the world. Not only are the MIG an opportunity for Indigenous athletes to compete, the Games also present an opportunity for North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) alumni to reunite with past teammates, competitors, and friends.


The next Masters Indigenous Games will be taking place on August 24-27, 2023 in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa, ON. MIG2023 will be hosted on Algonquin Territory and give Indigenous athletes a national stage to compete on.