Mayheve Rondeau

Mayheve Rondeau

What is the role of sport/PA in your life?

Sport and physical activity have largely shaped my identity as an Indigenous woman. For the longest time, my sport and passion has always been swimming. I love how I feel in the water. I feel weightless and a powerful sense of community as well as ownership as a team member. Sport and physical activity have always been a consistent and positive variable in my life, despite obstacles. Due to the pandemic, many of us have had to find alternative ways to working out, rather than being together as a team. This created opportunities for athletes to explore alternative methods of training, thus sparking other passions and enhancing overall personal and athlete development. Sport and physical activity help me feel empowered, confident, and motivated to pursue my day-to-day goals.


  • How do you define wellness?


To me, wellness requires a holistic approach as it encompasses various levels of our personal wellbeing. One can achieve wellness when their mental, physical and spiritual selves are in balance. This can mean dedicating the time out of our days to practice our mental and physical health, as well as learning about our Indigeneity and our duty within our community. 

What are the things you do each day that make you a wellness warrior?


Each day, I reflect on my output as well as my input actions. This means that I take the time to reflect on my energy levels and what I am dedicating my time to, and assure my actions are in balance. 


If for example, I studied a subject for 4 hours one day (output), I make sure I take the time to unwind before bed by relaxing and taking a bath (input). This assures proper daily balance by recharging through various input actions. Another example of an input action I enjoy is going outside for a walk. Being on the land helps me stay in tune with myself. Breathing fresh air reminds me of how fortunate I am to simply be. Other examples of wellness input actions include: calling a loved one, reconnecting with roots, cleaning or organizing, cooking and meditating. By incorporating various input actions, we are living the life of a Wellness Warrior!

Who or what is your inspiration?


My inspiration is my great grandmother, Clara Rickard. She was a member of Moose Cree First Nation and grew up in Moosonee, Ontario. She was an incredible woman. My great-grandmother was a residential school survivor as well as a TB survivor. As a child, her family traveled on their feet to various communities across Northern Ontario. Her resiliency, courage, and strength during a time where our people were denied basic human rights, is a constant reminder of how we come from strong, resilient blood. When faced with times of adversity, I think of my kokum and it gives me strength.