Richard Filion

Richard Filion

Richard Filion, born in 1969, Richard has been married to Jo-Anne Peacock for 24 years, and they have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. Richard currently works for a mining company, Vale, and lives in Lively, ON. His band is Dokis First Nation. He has four brothers and has been coaching basketball for nearly 26 years. Richard has been a figure skater, hockey player, football, basketball, volleyball and track athlete in his younger years. He enjoys spending time outdoors; fishing, hunting, and boating. He calls himself a jack of all trades and says he’s always working on his own projects and making time to help out his friends with any of their own.




Q: What is the role of sport/physical activity in your life?

 Sport has always been a part of my life.  Sport used to provide me a way to release energy and to be part of a group.  Sport has given me lifelong friends and many positive memories.  In recent years, sport has provided me a means of connecting with my children.  My two youngest daughters and I have been involved with basketball since they were quite young.  As a father it can sometimes be difficult to connect with daughters and sport has enabled us to be quite close as we share the love of the sport.  Physical activity is one of the three aspects of life (academics/work and social activities are the other two) that provide me balance in my life.


Q: How do you define wellness?

 Wellness is a physical and mental state of being.  Wellness to me feels holistic.   Being well physically can mean having good eating habits, treating your body with respect and being physically strong.  Being well is also being confident in yourself and your abilities. Sport helps all of that and helps develop an ability to adapt, to develop self-control and contributes to emotional well-being.  Wellness can be achieved by a balance of the body and mind.


Q: What are the things you do each day that make you a ‘Wellness Warrior’?

  • This year I volunteered my time to coach basketball on many levels.
    • High school team
    • Competitive team
    • Indigenous team
    • Community programs
  • I try to guide my athletes along their journey with my values of:
    • Being respectful
    • Working hard
    • Having fun
    • Having a balanced life style
    • Enjoying the experience of sport
  • I make myself available to the people in my life. If anyone needs help, I am there and do not expect anything in return other than a Thank You.
  • I started seeing my doctor and dentist regularly about 10 years ago so that my I stay healthy as I get older


Q: Who or what is your inspiration?

 John Wooden stated:  “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”

My parents have also inspired me over my lifetime.  They have shown me that we need to work hard, to have fun, to persevere through the hard times, and to love each other.

The fall.  I thoroughly enjoy the natural environment in the fall.  When you can sit in the bush and hear the leaves drying on the forest floor, that is when I feel the most at peace with the world and myself.