Raven Tabobandung

Raven Tabobandung

Raven Tabobandung, Bear clan from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, and Beaver clan from Wasauksing First Nation. Raven will be graduating from Carleton University on June 11, 2019, where she completed the Global and International Studies program, with a stream in Global Law and Social Justice. In her spare time, Raven likes playing lacrosse with her sisters, playing hockey, reading, and beading. Raven is part of the 2019 ISWO Summer Staff Team and says,

“I am very excited and honoured to be working with ISWO this summer. I love all the work they’re doing and what they stand for. I’m most excited because sports have played a huge role in my life and to be able to introduce or promote sports within Indigenous youth is something I’ve always wanted to do. From this position, I hope to further enhance the skill set that I’m walking in with, create a new skill set, and make new connections.”



What is the role of sport/physical activity in your life?

I was a very athletic kid in my formative years. I played a variety of sports from hockey to rugby. I played competitive hockey from the time I was 4 up until I was 19. I still play but just in men’s leagues now. I also picked up on lacrosse, later on I played for about 6 years and helped lead the Kingston Krossfire Intermediate team. In high school, I played on the varsity hockey, soccer, rugby, and basketball teams. Sports have helped mold me into the individual that I am today. It has taught me resilience, determination, punctuality, teamwork, and leadership, which I believe that I wouldn’t have been able to learn anywhere else.


How do you define Wellness?

To me, Wellness isn’t just a physical state, it’s a mental state as well. Wellness is the healthy balance of loving yourself in every way possible. It’s loving yourself mentally, physically, verbally, and spiritually. It’s doing things in life that help you move towards loving yourself more.


What are the things you do each day that make you a ‘Wellness Warrior’?

I’m currently on a new journey to get healthy again, both physically and mentally. Over the years I’ve lost that love and appreciation for myself. To get back to that state of love, I’ve made a goal to do at least one thing that I love. I started beading again. I started reading again as well, I’m a huge reader. I’ve started exercising again as well, whether it’s taking my dog for a walk down the waterfront or playing lacrosse with my sisters. This summer is the summer that I’m going to focus on me and doing what’s best for me.


Who or what is your inspiration?

My inspirations who continue to motivate me on a daily basis are my family.

My parents. My dad has always been my #1 supporter, whether it’s in athletics or academics or in cultural elements. He’s always pushing me to be the best version of myself. My mom is the most hardworking, determined, and resilient person that I know. Both of my parents are the reason that I am the person that I am today.

My sisters. My sisters are the best all-around individuals out there. My middle sister, Taylor-Rain, plays lacrosse for the Queen’s University varsity team. She always encourages me to be healthier because that’s how she is with herself. She’s a beautiful being and I’m so grateful for her. My youngest sister, Kendall, is not only my go-to person for anything but she is a fierce athlete. She plays lacrosse just about every night of the week. She’s currently in training for team Haudenosaunee and I’ve never seen that much determination in such a little person (she’s short) or anyone else for that matter. Both of my sisters are my best friends and they’re always there for me.