Grindworks Named Exclusive Sponsorship Agency of Record for Indigenous Sport and Wellness Ontario

Grindworks Named Exclusive Sponsorship Agency of Record for Indigenous Sport and Wellness Ontario

Grindworks ISWO Partnership




Grindworks Named Exclusive Sponsorship Agency of Record for Indigenous Sport and Wellness Ontario (ISWO)


[Mississauga, January 30, 2024] – Indigenous Sport and Wellness Ontario is proud to announce it’s new partnership with Grindworks, a renowned sports marketing agency with a history in supporting Indigenous sporting organizations, as the exclusive Sponsorship Agency of Record for Indigenous Sport and Wellness Ontario (ISWO). Led by CEO Brent Harrison, Grindworks has demonstrated unparalleled success in fundraising for Indigenous causes, with a notable achievement of raising close to $2,000,000.00 for ISWO in 2017 to execute the North American Indigenous Games.

Grindworks stands as a leading force in team, venue, and event-based corporate partnership sales for sports, entertainment, and leisure properties. With a commitment to elevating Indigenous-focused initiatives, Grindworks is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive support to ISWO in their pursuit of advancing sport and wellness within Indigenous communities.

Brent Harrison, CEO of Grindworks, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in raising funds for Indigenous organizations and events. His dedication and strategic approach have been instrumental in empowering ISWO to achieve their event fundraising goals, particularly highlighted by the substantial funds secured for the North American Indigenous Games in 2017, and also assisting ISWO to achieve their funding goals to successfully host the Masters Indigenous Games in August of 2023.

Grindworks specializes in tailoring sponsorship strategies that align with the unique values and objectives of the organizations they work in partnership with. The agency’s expertise in securing corporate partnerships will enable ISWO to enhance its programs and events, fostering growth and sustainability within the Indigenous sports community.

ISWO, as the designated Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sporting Body (P/TASB) for Ontario, is enthusiastic about the partnership with Grindworks. The collaboration aims to elevate ISWO’s mission by expanding its reach and impact through strategic sponsorships that align with their values and goals.

“On behalf of the ISWO Board, we are thrilled to partner with Grindworks as our exclusive Sponsorship Agency of Record,” said Carl Orr, Board of Directors Member for ISWO. “Grindworks’ commitment to supporting Indigenous organizations achieve their goals and their proven success in fundraising make them an ideal partner for ISWO. We look forward to achieving new heights together in promoting wholistic sport and wellness opportunities within Indigenous communities.”

As the exclusive Sponsorship Agency of Record, Grindworks is poised to play a pivotal role in supporting ISWO to shape the future of Indigenous sporting events, and providing Indigenous athletes from Ontario with opportunities to showcase their talents and culture on a the provincial, national, and international stages.


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Dustin Peltier

Manager, Marketing & Communications


About Grindworks:

Grindworks is a leading sports marketing agency that focuses on helping Indigenous sporting organizations raise funds to support their programs and events. With a focus on fundraising and corporate partnerships, Grindworks aims to empower Indigenous communities and advance their sporting initiatives.


About Indigenous Sport and Wellness Ontario (ISWO):

ISWO is an effective provincial body, with regional delivery systems, tailored programming, a culturally based framework, competitive and recreational sport opportunities, and leadership development initiatives for Indigenous youth and communities across Ontario. Through various programs and initiatives, ISWO strives to enhance the well-being and resilience of Indigenous communities by fostering a culture of sport and physical activity.