Elisa ‘Bunny’ Sutherland

Elisa ‘Bunny’ Sutherland

What is the role of sport/physical activity in your life?

I am currently in kickboxing and have just started Brazilian Ju-Juitsu. I also have been taking Kali which is a form of self-defense.


How do you define wellness?

Wellness is what you do to make yourself feel better. Muay Thai is my therapy. I feel great (emotionally) after class but my muscles feel beat.


What are the things you do each day that make you a ‘Wellness Warrior’

I strive to take care of myself. As a mom of 2 kids, I often lose myself, forget about myself. So I force myself out of bed early so I can enjoy my coffee alone. I take a shower and always get ready for my day. I also do my rights and ride my rowing machine every day.


Who or what is your inspiration

My inspiration is my children. I am an only parent. I gotta get myself fit and healthy so I’ll be around for a long time. And also my ladies from the gym are a big influence in my life.