2019 Sport Development Tour

This year, in order to reach more Indigenous youth at every level of play,  ISWO is introducing the 2019 Sport Development Tour: On the Road to NAIG.

The Sport Development Tour is a pathway to NAIG and beyond, aimed at building capacity, developing skills and providing more opportunities for Indigenous athletes. Using the Sport Development Tour approach, ISWO’s goal is to build a stronger Team Ontario for the 2020 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) and other national level sporting competitions.

The 2019 Sport Development Tour: On the Road to NAIG features sport clinics and multi-sport camps to help develop sport-specific skills for athletes, as well as tryouts, competitions and tournaments for those already at the competitive level, and an athlete identification program, which identifies athletes at partner and community sport events, who have the potential to represent Team Ontario at the upcoming 2020 NAIG in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

ISWO is looking to add additional events to the existing 2019 tour roster and is encouraging communities to consider hosting a tryout, multi-sport camp or sport event or expanding their current events to include an identification opportunity for athletes. Interested individuals or communities  may contact Mekwan Tulpin, ISWO Sport Coordinator at Mekwan.Tulpin@iswo.ca or Kylie Thompson, ISWO Communications Coordinator at Kylie.Thompson@iswo.ca.

Additional tryouts for all sports, for participation in Team Ontario at the 2020 NAIG, are planned for the fall, winter and spring seasons leading into the 2020 NAIG in July in Halifax, Nova Scotia.