Learning the Languages and Rebuilding Our Communities

Learning the Languages and Rebuilding Our Communities

Language learners are helping to rebuild lost Indigenous languages across Turtle Island right now. Through initiatives and programs aimed at teaching new learners and ensuring more teachers to continue the work, communities are strengthening wellness for their members. Creating strong, confident minds within our communities will build stronger communities across Turtle Island.

For Indigenous Peoples, wellness is viewed holistically, which means in order to be well in one area one must be strong and well in other areas. By connecting youth and adult language learners with the resources they need to reach their goals, the program is building self-confidence and a stronger sense of self-identity. Language (and culture) is a tool in creating communities that are rich in cultural teachings, leading to more confident Indigenous women, children, and men.

Learning your Indigenous language can help you connect and feel more involved in your community; it’s also a way to help build up the next seven generations. Language can and will help our people heal, it will help our elders move on from the trauma of their past, and know that their communities are being rebuilt for the next generations. It’s our responsibility to ensure our culture is passed down and teachings continue.

ISWO encourages you to reach out and learn more about language programs available in your community and region. Contact your cultural services department and ask them how you can get involved and start your journey to becoming a language speaker. Check out the resources below to see if any of the digital tools listed can help you on your journey.


Helpful Resources

Waking Up Ojibwe 






Learn Michef.com




Tusaalanga.com – Inuktut


First Voices – Mohawk Language


ATC CREE – APP available for free download on Apple and Android phones 





If you have recommendations for free language resources please email a member of the ISWO Communications Team so they can be included the list!